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1- Set of Chibis Bases. by Complicada 1- Set of Chibis Bases. by Complicada
Yesterday I was practicing designing chibis and lineart ... and ... I got all this! I loved it.
I want to share all these bases with you to make your characters and designs.

This was born as an exercise so this is my first pack !. If you buy the product, feel free to send me a note with your opinion. That would help me a lot  >___<

The package contains:

  • 3 positions of an androgynous chibi (frontal, profile and back).
  • 4 already painted skin tones (in the three positions shown)
  • 7 Facial expressions (with possibility of making combinations!)
  • 4 pairs of eyes.
  • 4 colors for each type of eye.
  • 4 types of glues.
  • 5 pairs of ears and 1 pair of horns.
  • 2 types of wings (angel / bird and demon / vampire)

Make as many combinations as you can and create more!

Available in SAI and PSD format. (The original files are of great format and quality.)

If you can not pay in points, comment for us to solve by paypal. 

  • You must not give or resell this package. It's yours! If you have great power, you have a great responsibility.
  • You can make commissions, adoptables, references, whatever you want ... But never forget to add "Base by :iconcomplicada:" at the end of the description, with the hyperlink to the original base.
  • You can modify bases as much as you want, add more members, faces and / or paint in your style.
  • If for any reason you lose the document, or have any questions, please contact me by sending a note.
  • Tell me what you bought. So I can keep a record of the buyers and you can claim if the previous point happens.
PD: If you notice that someone is violating the above rules, please inform them! The deviantart community must protect themselves. u.u

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March 4
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